LumberjAXE has officially opened in The Shops at Perry Crossing in Plainfield, Indiana, and it's worth the hype. They offer an innovated, axe-throwing experience for all ages. They also offer a pool table, digital dart boards and space to watch your favorite game. You can continue your outing with tasty menu items, draft beer and specialty cocktails.

LumberjAXE makes for a great place for a date night or family outing or a fun time with friends. 

I was able to take our kids one afternoon to check it out. I was a little leery about taking young kids axe throwing but it was fun, and they've already asked to go back! 

Roots in Hendricks County

I love when local residents have a goal to better their community and take action by opening a business or volunteering or creating positive change. And LumberjAXE owners have already added to our community in multiple ways separately and are now combining forces to continue to strive to enhance Hendricks County

There are two couples behind the new axe-throwing venue: Trevor and Stephanie Bernhardt and Jordan and Stephanie Yant. Both couples have roots in Hendricks County, and both are already local business owners.

Trevor and Stephanie BernhardtTrevor and Stephanie Bernhardt

Trevor and Stephanie Bernhardt grew up in Hendricks County and met while working at the Avon Orange Leaf in high school. In 2019, they purchased the Orange Leaf Franchise location where they met, and in 2021, they purchased the Plainfield Orange Leaf.

They also own Bernhardt Concession Services which services larger events in the area. 

Through all of their business endeavors, they have valued hospitality and community and are excited to expand those priorities with LumberjAXE. 

Both are active in the local Chamber of Commerce and other organizations. Through their involvement in a leadership cohort, they got to know Jordan and Stephanie Yant.

Jordan and Stephanie YantJordan and Stephanie Yants

Jordan and Stephanie also grew up in Hendricks County. They met at the Avon Chickf-fil-A as teenagers. They both have a desire to create opportunity for their community and are also actively involved in Hendricks County.

They opened Cabin Coffee in Avon in 2019 and have plans to open a Plainfield location next year. In their experience with Cabin Coffee, they realized there was a need for a place like LumberjAXE in Hendricks County. 

The two couples have combined their gifts and talents into creating LumberjAXE from scratch. They've been able to create the whole concept as a team and are excited to bring a unique entertainment venue to Hendricks County. 

Projected Targets

Throwing Lanes at LumberjAXE

LumberjAXE provides an innovative experience with their projected throwing lanes. This is unique form the traditional bulls-eye targets at typical axe-throwing entertainment venues. The targets are projected onto the wood in front of you as you throw your axe.

You can choose what's projected such as an old school bull's eye or games like Tic Tac Toe or Zombie Assassin. This can make it a little more challenging, but it allows visitors a greater selection of games.

The game projection also allows everyone to be involved and continue their play instead of just waiting for their turn to throw.

You can book your time online or walk in. You can call or book on their website

Axe Throwing for All Ages, Even Kids

Axe throwing for kids at LumberjAXE in Plainfield, Indiana

Yup. Kids can throw axes! Well, small plastic and foam axes, but our kids felt very powerful throwing their axes at the targets in the kid lanes. 

With younger kids, you can book the kid lanes and have them throw axes while you're nearby hanging out or throwing your own axes. If you have kids 11 or older, you can sign a waiver and have them throw right along with you. 

I loved this aspect of it because it allows the whole family to go out and do an adventure together. It's such a versatile space because it makes a great family outing but also a great date night or night out with friends. 

Pool Tables & Darts Too

Play Pool at LumberjAXE

If you just aren't into throwing axes, LumberjAXE also offers a pool table and digital darts.

They also offer food and drinks, so you can stop in and grab a bite to eat and hangout or watch a game. 

If some friends want to throw and others don't, you can still enjoy the space and food. 

They also offer a VIP room you can reserve for a party or corporate event. 

Full Food & Drink Menus

Snacks at LumberjAXE

We showed up a few hours before their normal opening time so we could chat and check out the space, but we still ordered some snacks, and they were delicious. 

They offer a savory and sweet menu with items like their Bullseye Boneless Bites or a skillet cookie which is a part of their Creation Coffee Cafe collaboration. We opted for their mini corndogs and pretzel bites and they hit the spot. 

They offer signature cocktails and draft beer from local breweries. Klooz Brewz created a LumberjAXE Logger Ale that's available as well as options from Brew Link and other local breweries

Their desire to create and better their community is even apparent in their food collaborations -- cookies form Creation Cafe and local breweries on tap. And they have plans to continue to work with other small business owners.