The birds are chirping, the days are getting longer and Indiana temps are warming up. Spring has arrived!

McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg has everything you need to revive your yard and spruce up the flower beds this spring...and throughout the year.

Both gardening novices and experts will find all the supplies they need to ensure their yards are the envy of the neighborhood. Better yet, let the experts at McCammon's get your outdoor space in tip-top shape!

Brownsburg Location

McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg

Conveniently located along the B&O Trail, this is the second location for McCammon's Irish Market in Indiana.

The owners, Mary Jane and Garry Ward, have also owned and operated the Greenwood location since 2014. And the same expert service and gardening supplies can be found at both!

Plenty of Plants

McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg

McCammon's takes pride in both the quality and variety of their plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. Browse outside and in the greenhouse for an array of perennials and annuals, as well as herbs, tropical plants, hanging baskets, cacti, succulents, seed packets and so much more.

Don't see what you are looking for? Just ask...and the experts at McCammon's just may be able to get it through one of their many vendors.

Gardening Supplies

McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg

DIYers can also stock up on quality garden supplies at McCammon's. From fertilizer to soil, to mulch and garden tools, you will find everything you need for your next outdoor project.

Plus, the experienced staff at McCammon's can answer all your horticulture-related questions. You won't find that kind of service at the seasonal garden departments in the big box stores.

Landscaping Services

McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg

If you are like me and lack a green thumb, why not let the experts get your yard in tip-top shape? Envision a lush landscape. Spruce up your patio. Plant a glorious garden. McCammon's Irish Market can help you make it all become a reality.

Simply contact McCammon's to set up a free estimate, complete with a detailed drawing. Their experienced horticulturalists will work with you to plan and create your dream outdoor space.

Divot Golf Factory in Brownsburg, Indiana (photo courtesy of Divot Golf Factory Facebook page)

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Gifts & More

Gifts at McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg

McCammon's Irish Market also sells a variety of gift items and lots of ornamental knick-knacks to sprinkle among the foliage in your yard. Pick up a gift for the gardener in your life as well as seasonal decor for yourself including shimmering birdbaths, colorful pots, festive flags, fragrant candles, garden gnomes and so much more.

Edible Goodies

Honey at McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg

A host of edible items in jars are also available and hard to resist! Stock up on Dillman Farm's preserves, mustards, fruit butters, dressings, sauces and lots of other goodies.

McCammon's also carries My Hunny's Honey in an assortment of sizes and flavors. And during the summer months, you will find a variety of locally-grown produce available for purchase at McCammon's.

Irish Products

McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg

As you may have guessed, the owners of McCammon's are Irish through and through. So, if you have a wee bit O'Irish blood in you as well, you'll want to check out their Irish apparel or choose from Irish-themed mugs, stuffed animals, coasters, Celtic jewelry and more.

High-End Apparel

Apparel at McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg

Even if digging in the dirt is the farthest thing from your mind, you'll still find plenty of treasures at McCammon's. Browse the high-end sweaters and fashionable knit hats, and you will be ready when the Indiana temperatures turn cold again. 

McCammon's Irish Market

McCammon's Irish Market in Brownsburg