Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. With their sturdy stems and towering height, they exude power and strength. Yet their delicate yellow petals and sunny disposition make them symbolic of happiness and summertime.

A sunflower is sure to brighten anyone's mood. And a field full of these yellow and brown blossoms can't help but bring a huge smile to the faces of both children and adults alike.

Want to wander through a field of glorious sunflowers? And maybe take home a beautiful stem or two (or 12)?

Then don't let summer end without a visit to the Pick Your Own Sunflowers event at Beasley's Orchard in Danville.

Mother Nature & Agritourism Field of Sunflowers at Beasley's Orchard

This year, visitors should have three weekends to participate in the Pick Your Own Sunflowers event at Beasley's long as Mother Nature cooperates.

Beasley's prides itself on not only entertaining visitors but educating them about agriculture as well. As Jim Finley, Agritourism Manager, shared with me "Mother Nature has plans of her own and there's only so much we can do to ensure the sunflowers bloom at our desired date."

Previously planned to occur later this month, this year's drought caused poor germination that required the entire field to be replanted. With a bit of luck, sunflower picking will commence the weekend of Aug. 11-13 and run for two full weekends.

Like all farms, Beasley's operates on Mother Nature's calendar. And as the adage goes...good things come to those who wait. Trust me, Beasley's sunflowers are worth the wait!

Flower Picking Sunflowers at Beasley's Orchard

Come August there will be plenty of sunny blooms to pick from and lots of space to spread out and take photos. (More on the photo ops in a minute!)

Attendees of Beasley's Pick Your Own Sunflowers will get to wander through 7 acres of blooming sunflowers, with each blossom averaging 4-5 feet tall.  

The cost is $7 a person to go into the sunflower field, and every attendee gets to pick one beautiful blossom of their choosing to take home.

Additional blossoms are sold separately for $3 a stem, Gather a bouquet of a half dozen blooms for $12 and a full dozen for just $18.

Or for $25 you can get an unlimited bucket of blossoms to take home in a galvanized metal pail, filling it with as many blooms as you can fit!

Visitors are given shears to cut down the blooms of their choosing, or you are welcome to bring your own garden shears. 

Photo Ops Sunflower Photo Ops (Photo courtesy of Beasley's Orchard Facebook page)

With so much beauty everywhere you turn, the sunflower fields at Beasley's Orchard are a photographer's paradise. Perfect for both professional and amateur shutterbugs alike!

Visitors can snap their own photos or bring a professional photographer of their choice anytime throughout the three-weekend span of u-pick sunflowers.

The glorious blooms are an ideal backdrop for all ages as well as groups who want to capture great family photos. Pets on leashes are welcome as well, so feel free to bring along your four-legged family members.  

Picking sunflowers and snapping selfies with your sweetie also makes for a romantic and memorable date night! Being open late in the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays will allow for some great "golden hour" sunset photos.

Food & RefreshmentsCider Bar at Beasley's Orchard

When you visit Beasley's Orchard, you can get your fill of sunflowers...and you can also fill your belly! 

Food trucks will be on hand to help guests refuel after frolicking through the sunflower fields. 

Of course, Beasley's Orchard will also be selling its award-winning apple cider, cider slushies and hard cider, so plan to indulge in a refreshing pick-me-up. 

In their barn market, you will also find various other treats, fresh fruits and vegetables available to purchase for instant consumption or to take home in bulk.

Plan to purchase a snack or a full meal as you linger and enjoy your time among the towering sunflowers.

Beasley's Orchard Fresh Strawberries (Photo courtesy of Beasley's Orchard Facebook page)

Sunflowers aren't the only appealing attraction at Beasley's Orchard. Hendricks County locals and frequent visitors are well aware of the many family-friendly activities that take place at Beasley's Orchard year-round.

This third-generation family farm opened in 1946 and offers a farm market that is open all year, providing seasonal produce and more.

Beasley's Orchard also hosts many fun activities for all ages that often include opportunities to get hands-on farm experiences and learn about agriculture.

Depending on the growing season, visitors can harvest and take home their own produce with u-pick strawberries, raspberries, apples and pumpkins. Beasley's most popular season is fall when they celebrate the harvest with hayrides, a pumpkin patch, a 4-acre corn maze, apple cannons and more. 

While you are awaiting all the fall fun Beasley's has to offer, don't miss your chance to frolic through the sunflowers!

Details for Pick Your Own Sunflowers Girl in Sunflower Field at Beasley's Orchard

Where: Beasley's Orchard 2304 E Main St. Danville

When: The sunflower fields will be open from 9 a.m.-8:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and noon-6 p.m. on Sundays. If Mother Nature cooperates, sunflower picking will begin the weekend of Aug. 11-13 and continue through Aug. 27.


Check Facebook or Instagram for more details as well as the progress of this year's sunflower crop and possible changes to dates for u-pick sunflowers.