If you are a fan of the iconic British Sci-Fi TV show, Doctor Who, then I have wonderful news for you about a hidden gem that exists in Central Indiana.

Who North America, 8901 S. State Route 67, Camby, Indiana, has quickly became a bucket-list destination for any Whovian (what fans of the show call themselves). In fact, a recent visitor came all the way from Hawaii after she was asked what she wanted for her birthday. Being a die-hard fan, she wished for a visit to Who North America and was flown here.

That truly is fandom.

But if for some reason you can't get here, we decided to partner with Truly360, a trusted Google partner, to bring you this indoor street view of our Doctor Who wonderland. The interactive 360 view allows you to explore their nearly 5,000 square feet of retail and museum space. Check it out:

But ultimately we hope you can make it a priority to actually visit Who North America in person. In fact, its easy accessibility is one of the many benefits of their location just off I-70. This attraction also sits just 10 miles and 15 minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport.

I must admit that while I've never watched the show, I was smart enough on a recent visit to pick the brains of owners Keith and Jany Bradbury during an insider's tour.

After spending a couple of hours with these Anglophiles, I came away with a list of things you must see and do if you ever visit this Doctor Who wonderland.

TARDISDoctor Who Museum

The first thing anyone who enters the building will likely see is the TARDIS greeting them at the front door.

It has become one of the top photo spots in Hendricks County. Don't leave Who North America without getting your picture taken with the TARDIS.

Outside the Building

Speaking of photo spots, another common photo op at Who North America is the sign out front, but beyond that, there is another surprise outside the building if you look closely.

On the telephone poles, visitors can find other interesting artifacts in the form of handbills including a Wanted poster and a Vote Saxon poster.

Game Room

Somewhat hidden between the museum and retail areas behind the checkout area, make sure to ask if you can see and play the Doctor Who full-size pinball machine and Voyager arcade game for two players. Both are free to play.

ShoppingWho N Amer 1s - 20171005_0911

Literally thousands of items can be found on the retail side of Who North America. Action figures, masks, games, clothing, books and virtually any other item you can imagine. If it is Doctor Who related, it is probably there somewhere.

But the Bradburys didn't stop there. They also stocked their shelves with popular British items as well.

Some of their most popular items include mugs, probably because they're one of the most inexpensive items and are functional, and a couple of sweets from the UK that can only be found at Who North America -- Jelly Babies and Jammie Dodgers.


While Who North America regularly hosts game nights and cosplay events, two annual events are musts for any fan of the show.

In order of priority: Doctoberfest held in late October and The All Things Handmade Craft Show held in the summer are two events any Doctor Who fans will want to add to their calendars. 

Who Treasure HuntDoctor Who snow at Who North America

As far as the museum side goes, I leaned on Keith and Jany to point out a few items that Whovians in particular might be excited to see.

It was tough for them to point out just a few because the items within the wall-to-wall glass cases all held a special place in their heart, but they did it for you the reader.

So, when you go, see if you can find these items:

  • The largest Dalek cookie jar in the world and the only one that made it to the United States undamaged because of how large and fragile they are.
  • Actual artificial snow from a 2017 Christmas episode of the show.
  • A replica Lady Cassandra. As the story goes, a customer made the replica during the 50th anniversary of the show back in 2013. They planned to just throw it away after the celebration, but the Bradburys wouldn't let that happen and kept it to display for all to see.
  • A rare Dalek postage stamp that was never postmarked. In 1999, Great Britain issued a collection of millennium stamps including the Dalek, which beat out John Lennon among others, and the Bradburys got their hands on one sealed in a glass paperweight that is now on display in their museum.