I walked into ABC Distributors thinking I was writing a post for "What's New" in Hendricks County. But the only thing new about this amazing place is that it recently opened to the public.

ABC Distributors is a family-owned general merchandise wholesale distributor that originated in 1960 in Indianapolis. It opened in Hendricks County, where it sits on Reeves Road in Plainfield, Ind., in 1980. Over the years, it's been almost all wholesale, buying from manufacturers and selling to other businesses, with just a little bit of retail.

But in 2020, ABC Distributors added more retail and opened to the public.

I wasn't sure what this kind of place would offer as far as shopping, but when I walked in and saw them restocking the popular pop-its (my kids are obsessed with these ridiculous fidgets) I knew I was about to feast my eyes on some fun shopping! I wish I had known sooner because this place was a delight to visit, and oh my, the original Christmas gift ideas I got while browsing was almost better than at my normal shopping haunts.

I took a peek around and asked a few questions. I came up with four reasons why you need to make time in your holiday shopping to swing into ABC Distributors.

1. Size and LocationABC Distributors warehouse

The 10,000-square-foot showroom is located a tad off the beaten path at the corner of Ind. 267 and Reeves Road in Building #3. The physical address is 2198 Reeves Road, Plainfield. (The surrounding warehouses are used for storage and are rented to other businesses).

This location doesn't get the traffic all the strip malls do, so there is much less crowding if you're looking to avoid that this holiday season. The store itself is big with wide aisles, so in a time of social distancing, it allows for movement and space for shoppers.

It was very quiet while I shopped with only a small handful of other shoppers around.

2. PricesYou just can't beat their prices!

Each tag has a suggested retail price as well as a price code, which is the actual price you pay for the item. This allows you to see the discount, which is of course very satisfying.

Items storewide are about 40% off normal retail prices.

I don't know who doesn't love to see what they save as they shop. As I always love to say to my husband, "The more I spend, the more I save!!"

It's brilliant, really.

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3. VarietyABC Distributors variety is simply unmatched

I had to start writing down all the different types of items for sale. There was such a variety of unique items. 

It seemed like they literally had everything, from home decor and wind chimes to leggings and socks. I saw tools and toys. I saw batteries and blankets. I saw Christmas decorations and candles.  I saw linens and lamps.

I caught my self thinking, "I should come here for Christmas gifts."

And then I'd think, "I should come here for decor for our new house."

And then, "I should come here for tools for the garage."

It's really a one-stop shop for so many things. Tools, flags,  detergents and even tasers were among the items that raised my eyebrows. 

4. OriginalityThe variety of candles and many other items is incredible

One of the biggest things I noticed, and loved, about browsing here was the uniqueness of the items I saw. I go to big box stores all the time, and while there's nothing wrong with them, they all sell the same things. 

However, at ABC Distributors, I saw decor and canvases and rugs I have never seen anywhere else. How fun to find original items for decorating the inside and outside of your house? Or an original toy the big stores don't sell?

These items are very unique, and the only down side is that inventory is constantly switching, so if you see something you love, you have to nab it right away.

ABC Distributors is known for their unique home decor items and their candles from Our Own Candle Company, which are high quality candles with a wide variety of scents you won't find anywhere else. 

ABC Distributors

  • Location: 2198 Reeves Road, Plainfield, IN, 46168
  • Showroom Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays
  • More Info: You can also visit them online or on Facebook!

Happy shopping!