Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park has become one of our signature attractions in Hendricks County, Indiana, drawing the most visitors to our destination annually with its epic events.

What makes this place so magical? Why has it become a bucket-list attraction for so many?

How about if we go on a photo tour of this legendary venue to shed some light on what makes it so special...

U.S. Nationals

Any discussion about Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park must begin with the track's signature event that occurs annually over Labor Day Weekend. Known as the Big Go, this is the most prestigious drag racing event in the country.

It is the one every driver wants to win, and the one every fan wants to experience at least once in their lifetime. Five days of non-stop drag racing where a ticket is also a pit pass giving fans virtually unlimited access to the cars and drivers is just part of the mystique.

But it is more than that. Part of it is history with all the drivers and fans who have come before and part of it is that magical experience that can't be described in words or even pictures. It is something that must be experienced in person. 

But for today, photos will have to do.

Pure Fandom

Whether it's meeting your favorite driver, getting autographs or simply dreaming about racing on that track some day, race fans are diehards.

We've often found you either love racing or you don't get it. Some middle ground does exist, but not much. Often, you really don't know which camp you fall into until you actually go out there and experience it for yourself.

But those who love it leave Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park with memories that last their lifetime.

Famed Drag Strip

I've already discussed U.S. Nationals, which is the biggest event held each year on Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park's drag strip, but it is far from the only event held there.

The track hosts Wild Wednesdays all season long giving the average Joe and opportunity to race his car on the same drag strip the professionals have battled on for years. The strip also hosts many other drag racing events each year.

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Paved Oval

While it doesn't quite get the fanfare of the drag strip, this short-track oval has seen its share of legendary racers and amazing events. Just some of the names who have competed on its surface include A.J. Foyt, Jeff Gordon and Helio Castroneves, though there are many others.

The best part about this track is no matter where you sit you can see all the action as cars beat and bang all the way to the checkered flag. It also hosts a variety of races from IndyCar and NASCAR feeder series to USAC and just recently the newly formed SRX series by Tony Stewart.

To learn more about the oval, click here.

Other Events

While racing and motorsports dominate the events that occur at Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park, it does host its share of other fun events.

Some of those events include Slamology Music Festival & Automotive Show, B&O Bicycle Tour as well as other meetings, concerts and events over the years including events hosted in its Binford Pavilion.

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