Anyone who knows me will tell you I absolutely hate going to the grocery store. I’m not a very good cook, though it’s not for a lack of trying, and I’m always looking for healthy meals to make for my family that doesn’t have me in the kitchen for hours in the evening (see the part about not being a very good cook).

Instead of settling for frozen pizza or fast food, I’m so glad we have folks like Avon’s Melanie Smith of Not Yo Mama’s Meal Prep, dedicated to creating healthy meals for individuals and families.

Melanie’s Story Not Yo Mama's Meal Prep (Photo courtesy of Not Yo Mama's Facebook page)

Smith has been a chef for more than a decade and when her mother passed away from diabetes complications, she dedicated her career to finding ways to create yummy meals, minus the ingredients that aren’t good for us.

The team at Not Yo Mama’s designs a new menu each week, with healthy portion sizes and ingredients, making it easy for the rest of us to feed our families with zero guilt. Everything is home cooked and typically less than 600 calories.

How it Works Not Yo Mama's Meal Prep Avon

While customers can always stop by and pickup lunch or dinner from the shelf, Not Yo Mama’s primarily serves meals through their online ordering system.

The store is open Sunday through Friday, and the menu is posted Sunday evening for the next week. Customers pick up their orders on Sunday or Wednesday each week based on when the order was placed.

Options include delivery if ordering six or more meals for a small fee, and those meals are also delivered on Sundays or Wednesdays.

Nutrition labels are included on every product, including information on proteins, carbs and calories, and meals are color-coded for gluten-free, low-carb, vegan and macro-dense.

I love the system, since I’m able to pick up meals I know will be a good choice for family members with diabetes or on a low-carb diet. Just remember, in order to keep things fresh and always changing, there’s no guarantee what will be in the store at a given time.

Customers can purchase seven meals in a bundle or 21 meals in a bundle, setting me up for the entire week or more.

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It’s Fast, but not Fast Food Not Yo Mama's (photo courtesy of Not Yo Mama's facebook page)

What I love about ordering a set of meals (besides the easy delivery) is the variety. My family never gets tired of the ‘Mama Meals’ because they’re full of flavor, and they get to try different combinations of their favorite foods.

We’re fans of the grilled chicken sandwich with mixed veggies and the grilled steak bowl with a side of broccoli and baby red potatoes.

For those less picky eaters, try the chicken undon stir-fry, lemon salmon over pesto or smoked brisket with mashed potatoes.

All the containers are BPA free. You can freeze, heat, wash and reuse for other portion-controlled lunches or leftovers.  

Changing Lives Not Yo Mama's Meal Prep Salmon and Veggies

Not only are discounts available for first responders, seniors and teachers, customers are often treated to discounts when they place a multi-meal order.

The staff at Not Yo Mama’s regularly hear about the benefits of their work within the community. Customers are losing weight, having better checkups at the doctor and they encourage the team to keep going.

Melanie knows anytime she’s feeling frustrated and losing ground, her mission is still the same – change lives by getting the community back to their health.