When I saw the Not Yo Mama’s Meal Prep shop in Avon, Indiana, I immediately was intrigued. Being both health-conscious and busy, I am always on the lookout for healthy meal options that do not require me to cook.

I have tried frozen cuisines and fresh meal delivery services, but neither of those options really work for what I need. Not Yo Mama’s satisfies my need for affordable and convenient nutrition with an added bonus of helping a small local business.

A Mission From the HeartMelanie Smith's mother, inspiration for Not Yo Mama's Meal Prep

Melanie Smith, owner and chef of Not Yo Mama’s Meal Prep, opened her business to honor her mother who suffered from diabetes for many years. Melanie made a promise to her mother to help people enjoy “healthy food packed with flavor and love.” 

She wants her customers to have the nutrition they need but not lose out on the taste they deserve. Learn more about their mission by visiting their website.

My ExperienceNot Yo Mama's Meal Prep Exterior

Not Yo Mama’s has two ways to purchase meals. You can either order online for pickup and delivery, or you can stop by one of their storefronts and browse their stock.

From my understanding, their coolers tend to have different meals than their online menu so there is always lots of flavors to choose from.

I wanted the entire experience, so I chose to order online for pickup. That way I could peek my head into the cooler to see what other options they had while I was there. Ordering online was quick and easy!

I really appreciated the useful nutrition labels included with every product. The meals are also color-coded for dietary preferences. You can choose between gluten free, low-carb, vegan and macro-dense meals. The color codes helped me order a few meals for my diabetic dad to try.

After you place your order, they instruct you to text “MAMA” to 855-967-0693 to receive updates. Once you do, you will be the first to know when meals are ready, new menus are live and when they are cooking up something new for their coolers.

Weekly menus are uploaded every Monday evening. Pick up and delivery are on Saturdays.

On my pickup day, I received a text letting me know when my meals would be ready. Once I arrived, I was happy with how fast and friendly the service was. I was in and out within minutes despite there being a line. A steady flow of customers came before and after me, and each one only spent a few minutes in the store.

The Food

To get a good feel for the food quality, I chose to order many different flavors and dietary preferences. Like I said earlier, I wanted to get a few meals for my parents to try. All three of us loved every meal we sampled.

I honestly cannot wait to order more to see what else Melanie can cook up.  Below are some of our favorite flavors so far.

My favorite: BBQ Burger Bowl

One of my favorite things to eat is a good cheeseburger. That gets a little tricky when I’m trying to eat healthier. When I order a burger from a restaurant, I usually end up with a giant serving that I cannot finish in one sitting. The BBQ Burger Bowl satisfied my craving for a burger without going overboard on carbs and calories. The serving was the right size for me AND it was filling! I’ll definitely be ordering this one again.

Dad's favorite: Salmon & Mixed Veggies

There is nothing my dad likes more than going to a nice restaurant to order delicious fish. So, I got the Salmon & Mixed Veggies meal hoping that it would remind him of one of his favorites. The meal looked gorgeous and apparently tasted even better. When I asked him how it was, he said the fish was better than he’d had in some restaurants. The best part about this meal, for me, was that it is low-carb. It makes me happy that my dad can enjoy a tasty meal and not have to worry about the carb content.

Mom’s favorite: Low Carb Pizza Bowl

My mom loves everything about pizza – and so do I! When I saw Not Yo Mama’s had a low-carb pizza bowl, I knew I had to get one (or three). My mom, dad and I loved this meal. It looked good, smelled great and tasted fantastic. For someone who can be very selective about pizza, I was amazed with the flavors within this bowl.

Discounts & DealsNot Yo Mama's Meal Prep Cooler

While I was ordering, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw there were a number of deals listed on their website. They have discounts for first responders, seniors and teachers. They also had a few discounts to use based on the number of meals you order. Don’t forget to find a coupon code before you order online!


Not Yo Mama’s Meal Prep has two Central Indiana locations in Avon and Greenwood. Both locations offer pick up, delivery and have meals in stock at the storefront. They also offer a pickup location on the northside of Indianapolis.   

Not Yo Mama's Meal Prep