Join me as we tour some of my favorite spots for comfort food in Hendricks County, Indiana -- those places whose food brings light to the darkest of days and that leave you waddling around with a full belly and a smile on your face.

For simplicity's sake, I'll just put them in alphabetical order.

1. Amo Pizza

Around the World pizza from Amo Pizza

If pizza is your comfort food, you must try Amo Pizza in west Hendricks County. There are a few places to sit inside, but most people order their pizzas that are unbelievably loaded with toppings to go. Amo Pizza also offers a bunch of subs and sides, and their Ultimate Breadsticks are incredible!

2. Bread Basket Bakery & Cafe

The Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery

Homemade biscuits and gravy. Need I say more? Bread Basket Bakery & Cafe in Danville provides one of the best comfort foods ever invented, and they do it right!

The cinnamon roll French toast is out of this world, too. The bakery portion of the business doesn't disappoint on the comfort food front, either, tantalizing you with homemade breads, cakes, pies, cookies and other pastries.

3. Brew Link Brewpub

Brew Link Beer and Nachos

On the western edge of Plainfield, next door to Oak Tree Golf Course, sits Brew Link Brewpub -- home to 24 unique beers on tap and a lot of excellent comfort food. 

If your choice of comfort food is burgers, wings, nachos, mac & cheese, tacos or tenderloins, you need to try Brew Link. And, of course, if you're at least 21 years of age and so inclined, wash your comfort food down with one of their out-of-this-world beers!

4. The Coachman Restaurant & Lounge

Prime rib at The Coachman

Hendricks County's oldest independently owned and operated restaurant is a wonderful place to find comfort food. Located in Plainfield, The Coachman's prime rib simply melts in your mouth.

I also love The Coachman's homemade baked lasagna, their fettucine alfredo and their porterhouse pork chop.

5. Emmy's Pancake House

Everyone can find something good to eat at Emmy's Pancake House in Avon! (Photo courtesy of Emmy's Pancake House on Facebook)

If you're looking for comfort food for breakfast or lunch, you'll want to check out Emmy's Pancake House & Grill in Avon.

You'll have a hard time deciding what to order from Emmy's large menu with traditional items like, eggs, bacon and toast to more decadent dishes like their Greek skillet and Belgian pecan waffle. Variety is the word at this popular family-friendly restaurant

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6. The Mason Inn

A delicious tenderloin can be found at the Mason Inn in Pittsboro. (Photo courtesy of Mason Inn Facebook page)

One of Hendricks County's best-kept secrets -- especially for comfort food -- is the Mason Inn in Pittsboro. Don't mistake it for being just a bar. The Mason Inn makes outstanding tenderloins, excellent pizza, delicious wings and more. 

In addition to what's on the menu, the Mason Inn staff add a variety of additional available food and drink items on a chalkboard, depending on the day. I haven't tried them myself, but I have a friend who swears by the pork bellies that are sometimes an option there.

7. Mayberry Cafe

Aunt Bee's Sugar Creme Pie from The Mayberry Cafe

Fans of The Andy Griffith Show will love the Mayberry Cafe in Danville for the ambience and decor, while fans of comfort food will love the menu.

Get started with some fried biscuits and apple butter, and then dive into Aunt Bee's fried chicken, Ernest T's bacon Swiss burger, Andy's tenderloin, or my favorite -- the chicken fried chicken smothered in country gravy. Be sure to save room for Aunt Bee's sugar cream pie!

8. Oasis Diner

Oasis Diner in Plainfield, Indiana

The Oasis Diner in Plainfield has a cool history, being manufactured by Mountain View Diners in New Jersey and shipped to Plainfield by rail. It opened to the public in 1954 and continued operations on the east side of town until 2008. It was then relocated to its current spot on the west side of town and reopened in 2014.

In addition to its interesting origins, the Oasis also serves some amazing comfort food. It is known for its tenderloins, which are outstanding (and enormous!), but some of my personal favorites for comfort food are their brunch burger, the Kansas City (loaded biscuits and gravy) and the Indianapolis (a country fried breakfast that includes a breath-taking amount of food).

9. Perillo's Pizzeria

Perillo's Pizzeria only uses fresh ingredients

I am a complete sucker for Italian food, so when genuine Italian Damiano Perillo opened up Perillo's Pizzeria in North Salem, I was immediately hooked. They specialize in pizza but offer a wide variety of other items. If it's Italian food, Damiano can make it for you, and it will be outstanding.

For me personally, there is no substitute for Perillo's. My absolute favorite comfort food is one of Damiano's sausage roll calzones. It is heaven.

10. Rusted Silo Southern BBQ & Brewhouse

Rusted Silo spread of food BBQ

What do Disney, southern barbecue and Lizton all have in common? Former Disney chef Rob Ecker, who owns Rusted Silo Southern BBQ & Brewhouse. I lived in Texas for 10 years, so barbecue is a big comfort food for me, and trust me when I say that Rob absolutely nails southern barbecue. He'll put you into a meat coma with all the varieties available on the custom-made giant spinning rotisserie.